ACCS Ambassador

ACCS Ambassador

Earn a $750 scholarship by becoming an ACCS Ambassador! One student from every ACCS college will be selected to win. All you need to enter is a smartphone and a story to tell! Apply by December 21st for your chance to be an ACCS Ambassador starting in January 2019!

1. Fill out the form

2. Submit your video*

3. Apply!

*Submit a video no longer than five minutes showcasing your storytelling and editing capabilities. Video submission is required but can be added after sign up.

Submission Guidelines


Video submissions should feature one or more accomplishments achieved by: the applicant, another student, faculty member, team or program as a result of the connection to the college.


Submission videos, and all Ambassador videos, can be shot using a smartphone or a camera. If utilizing a smartphone, all videos must be shot horizontally.


Editing may be done on the smart phone or in separate video editing software. Any music contained in Ambassador videos must be royalty free.

What's Next?

Videos from each college will be ranked and the top scoring video will be awarded the $750 ACCS Ambassador Scholarship for the upcoming semester. Click here to see a list of past winners.