The Code Section list of exemptions from Private School Licensure can be accessed by clicking on the following link,   Section 16-46-3 Exemptions from chapter;records of private schools ceasing operations

Each school which claims an exempt eligibility must file a request for a Certificate of Exemption. Requests for Certificates of Exemption shall be filed with the Alabama Community College System and shall include a current copy of the school catalog and, the appropriate supporting documentation from the following:

  1. Copy of nonprofit charter of incorporation or documentary evidence establishing parochial or religious affiliation and an official catalog listing only sectarian courses or programs of study. 
  2. Policy statement of the firm which limits enrollment in courses offered only to currently employed persons or labor unions and trade association training programs with membership prerequisites for enrollment. The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship Training Approval may establish exemption of apprenticeship and other on-the-job training programs.
  3. Copy of the charter or articles of incorporation with by-laws establishing a nonprofit mode of operation.
  4. Statement on letterhead of professional, business, or trade organization that enrollment in seminars or short courses is limited to members thereof. Each private school offering similar public seminars shall provide documentary evidence that a majority of enrolled students over the five years preceding the date of application for exemption have had at least half of their tuition and fees paid by their employers.
  5. Copy of appropriate license, certificate, or approval by the state board, commission, or agency, and/or listing in the current directory or such regulatory agency.
  6. Copy of the accreditation grant from an accrediting commission or agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. The status of accreditation shall be validated annually.

The application for an exemption request may be located on our PSL Online system at https://psl.asc.edu/Account/Login.aspx.  Supporting documentation for the exemption will need to be uploaded to the Online System as well.

A public institution that is accredited may be exempt from licensure through the Alabama Community College System, but will still be required to apply with the Alabama Commission on Higher Education.

Nonprofit institutions are not exempt

List of Exempt Schools
School NameSectionDate ExemptedNotes
Agape Bible College16-46-3-122 Dec 2008exempt
Alabama A & M University16-46-3-825 Jul 2011exempt
Alabama Naturopathic Medical Association16-46-3-616 May 2003exempt
Alabama School of Nail Technology16-46-3-807 Dec 2011exempt
Alabama State College of Barber Styling16-46-3-823 Jan 2015exempt
Alabama Theological Institute16-46-3-101 Jun 2006exempt
Amridge University16-46-3-706 Dec 2011exempt
Anne Arundel Community College16-46-3-828 Aug 2013exempt
Apostolic School of Ministry of North Alabama16-46-3-114 Mar 2011exempt
Arapahoe Community College16-46-3-817 Apr 2012exempt
Arizona State University16-46-3-819 Sep 2012exempt
Arkansas State University16-46-3-811 Jul 2011exempt
Arkansas Tech University16-46-3-830 Oct 2014exempt
Arlington Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center16-46-3-215 Aug 2014exempt
Armstrong State University16-46-3-830 Oct 2014exempt
Asbury Theological Seminary16-46-3-107 Feb 2014exempt
Asnuntuck Community College16-46-3-815 Jul 2013exempt
Bainbridge College16-46-3-811 Oct 2012exempt
Ball State University16-46-3-823 Jul 2015exempt
Baptist Medical Center-School of Radiologic Technology16-46-3-901 Apr 2003exempt
Beaufort County Community College16-46-3-802 Apr 2013exempt
Bethany Divinity College & Seminary16-46-3-103 Aug 2010exempt
Bible Verse Theological Institute16-46-3-118 Jul 2012exempt
Birmingham Easonian Baptist Bible College16-46-3-121 Apr 2003exempt
Birmingham Flight Center16-46-3-825 Oct 2011exempt
Birmingham Southern College16-46-3-709 May 2012exempt
Birmingham Theological Seminary16-46-3-129 Apr 2003exempt
Boise State University16-46-3-824 Jan 2012exempt
Building Church Bible Institute16-46-3-130 Sep 2011exempt
Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute16-46-3-815 Jul 2013exempt
California State University East Bay16-46-3-823 Jan 2015exempt
California State University Maritime Academy16-46-3-604 Oct 2017exempt
California State University Northridge16-46-3-826 Jun 2014exempt
California State University San Bernardino16-46-3-626 Oct 2017exempt
California State University, Chico16-46-3-801 Sep 2015exempt
California University of Pennsylvania16-46-3-814 Jan 2015exempt
Central Baptist Theological Seminary16-46-3-112 Oct 2012exempt
Central Texas College16-46-3-816 Apr 2014exempt
Charles Harrison Mason System of Bible Colleges16-46-3-119 Aug 2003exempt
Charter Oak State College16-46-3-818 Aug 2011exempt
Church of God School of Ministry16-46-3-103 Feb 2005exempt
Coastal Operating Engineers Apprentice Program Local 65316-46-3-606 Jan 2011exempt
Cochise College16-46-3-815 Jul 2013exempt
College of Lake County16-46-3-810 Sep 2012exempt
Colorado State University16-46-3-825 Mar 2015exempt
Colorado State University – Global Campus16-46-3-801 Aug 2012exempt
Colorado State University-Pueblo16-46-3-806 Sep 2012exempt
Columbus State Community College16-46-3-801 Oct 2013exempt
Columbus State University16-46-3-807 Dec 2011exempt
Community Colleges of Spokane16-46-3-818 Dec 2012exempt
Concordia College, Selma16-46-3-7, amended09 Aug 2011exempt
Concordia Theological Seminary16-46-3-127 Feb 2004exempt
Construction Education Foundation of Alabama16-46-3-226 Oct 2006exempt
Cornerstone Bible Seminary16-46-3-128 Feb 2003exempt
Covenant Theological Seminary16-46-3-108 Aug 2017exempt
Cowley County Community College and Area Vocational-Technical School16-46-3-823 Jan 2015exempt
Dakota State Univeristy16-46-3-818 Dec 2012exempt
Dallas Theological Seminary16-46-3-118 May 2011exempt
Darton College16-46-3-806 May 2013exempt
Daytona State College16-46-3-825 Oct 2013exempt
Daytona State College16-46-3-823 Jan 2015exempt
DCH Regional Medical Center16-46-3-909 Nov 2011exempt
Diamond Council of America16-46-3-608 Oct 2014exempt
Double Bridges Aviation, LLC16-46-3-918 Nov 2011exempt
East Carolina University16-46-3-810 Jan 2014exempt
Eastern Arizona College16-46-3-803 Jul 2013exempt
Eastern Kentucky University16-46-3-822 Jul 2011exempt
EastPointe Hospital16-46-3-211 Feb 2014exempt
Emmanuel Christian Seminary16-46-3-117 Sep 2013exempt
Emporia State University16-46-3-806 May 2014exempt
European School of Esthetics16-46-3-818 Jan 2006exempt
Exposiors Seminary, Inc.16-46-3-104 Jan 2018exempt
Faith Chapel Christian Center Leadership Development Institute16-46-3-126 Oct 2006exempt
Family Ministries Bible College16-46-3-115 Jun 2007exempt
Faulkner University16-46-3-724 Apr 2012exempt
Florida Gulf Coast University16-46-3-810 Jan 2014exempt
Florida State University16-46-3-803 Jul 2013exempt
Fort Hays State University16-46-3-826 Aug 2013exempt
Frederick Community College16-46-3-827 Aug 2012exempt
Georgia Highlands College16-46-3-102 Jul 2013exempt
Georgia Permiter College16-46-3-829 Apr 2013exempt
Georgia Southern University16-46-3-802 Aug 2013exempt
Georgia Southwestern State University16-46-3-823 Jan 2015exempt
Global Evangelical Christian College & Seminary16-46-3-117 Jul 2001exempt
Grace College of Divinity16-46-3-106 Sep 2012exempt
Grays Harbor College16-46-3-823 Jan 2015exempt
Hands On Technology Transer, Inc.16-46-3-622 Jul 2011exempt
Harding University16-46-3-102 Jul 2013exempt
Harford Community College16-46-3-826 Aug 2014exempt
Harrisburg Area Community College16-46-3-825 Feb 2015exempt
Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local #7816-46-3-603 Sep 2010exempt
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion16-46-3-108 Aug 2016exempt
Herzing University16-46-3-702 Nov 2011exempt
Highlands College16-46-3-110 Jan 2014exempt
Hood Theological Seminary16-46-3-101 Jun 2006exempt
Horizons School of Discipleship16-46-3-125 Feb 2005exempt
Horry-Georgetown Technical College16-46-3-803 Jul 2013exempt
Huntingdon College16-46-3-109 Aug 2007exempt
Huntsville Hospital School of Radiologic Technology16-46-3-726 Oct 2006exempt
Huntsville Hospital Surgical Assistant Training16-46-3-204 Jan 2018exempt
Illinois State University16-46-3-825 Feb 2013exempt
Impact International School of Ministry16-46-3-110 Mar 2004exempt
Indiana State University16-46-3-808 Feb 2013exempt
Indiana University16-46-3-830 May 2013exempt
Indiana University16-46-3-830 May 2013exempt
Indiana University of Pennsylvania16-46-3-827 Aug 2015exempt
Institute of Advanced Biblical Studies16-46-3-115 Dec 2011exempt
Interfaith University16-46-3-116 Mar 2016exempt
International Union of Operating Engeineers Local 312 JAC16-46-3-204 Nov 2010exempt
International Union of Painters & Allied Trades, Dist. 8016-46-3-2exempt
Iowa Central Community College16-46-3-626 Jan 2006exempt
Ironworkers Local 798 Apprenticeship and Training Fund16-46-3-814 Jan 2015exempt
Isaiah Bible Institute, Inc.16-46-3-129 Jan 2013exempt
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service16-46-3-903 Mar 2008exempt
Jefferson County Medical Society16-46-3-611 Jul 2011exempt
Jefferson County Plumbers & Pipefitters JAC Local 9116-46-3-628 Sep 2010exempt
Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute16-46-3-110 Mar 2010exempt
Johnson County Community College16-46-3-814 Jun 2011exempt
Judson College16-46-3-717 Apr 2012exempt
Kansas State University16-46-3-826 Jun 2014exempt
Kent State University16-46-3-823 Jul 2015exempt
Knox Theological Seminary16-46-3-123 Sep 2015exempt
Lamar University16-46-3-808 Nov 2013exempt
Legacy Bible College16-46-3-118 Jul 2017exempt
Lexington Theological Seminary16-46-3-114 Aug 2013exempt
Lorman Education Services16-46-3-608 Dec 2003exempt
Louisiana State University and A&M College16-46-3-801 May 2013exempt
Make Your Best Impression16-46-3-618 Nov 2011exempt
Massage Therapy Institute16-46-3-814 Jun 2005exempt
Master’s Divinity School16-46-3-103 Jul 2004exempt
Medical University of South Carolina16-46-3-822 Apr 2014exempt
Michigan State University16-46-3-805 Apr 2013exempt
Middle Tennessee State University16-46-3-815 Sep 2010exempt
Midfield Institute of Cosmetology16-46-3-808 Oct 2014exempt
Midwest Christian College and Seminary16-46-3-112 Jan 2004exempt
Midwestern State University16-46-3-812 Jul 2011exempt
Miles College16-46-3-719 Jul 2012exempt
Mimi’s Beauty Academy of Cosmetology, LLC16-46-3-801 Jul 2006exempt
Minot State University16-46-3-826 Jun 2014exempt
Missouri Southern State University16-46-3-829 Sep 2011exempt
Missouri University of Science and Technology16-46-3-816 Apr 2012exempt
Montgomery Chamber Small Resource Center16-46-3-606 Feb 2012exempt
National Technology Transfer, Inc.16-46-3-202 May 2013exempt
Nations University16-46-3-120 Sep 2011exempt
NBC: Institute For Spirituality in Health Care16-46-3-101 Jul 2006exempt
New Beginning College of Cosmetology16-46-3-813 Jan 2006exempt
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary16-46-3-119 Jul 2004exempt
North Alabama Christian College16-46-3-125 Jan 2007exempt
North Alabama Craft Training Foundation16-46-3-218 Jun 2015exempt
North Alabama Electrical JATC16-46-3-206 May 2014exempt
Nunation School of Cosmetology16-46-3-823 Jan 2015exempt
Oakwood College16-46-3-717 Jan 2006exempt
Ohio University16-46-3-809 Oct 2013exempt
Oregon State University16-46-3-815 Aug 2014exempt
Oregon University System16-46-3-801 Mar 2012exempt
Pacific School of Religion16-46-3-109 Oct 2013exempt
Paul Mitchell of Huntsville16-46-3-807 Dec 2011exempt
Paul Mitchell The School Birmingham16-46-3-829 Apr 2013exempt
Peninsula College16-46-3-810 Jan 2014exempt
Pennsylvania State University16-46-3-802 May 2013exempt
Pensacola State College16-46-3-830 May 2013exempt
Pensacola State College16-46-3-830 May 2013exempt
Pitt Community College16-46-3-828 Aug 2015exempt
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union # 377 JAC16-46-3-615 Sep 2010exempt
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union # 760 JAC16-46-3-603 Sep 2010exempt
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 5216-46-3-203 Feb 2011exempt
Ray’s University of Beauty16-46-3-806 Mar 2006exempt
Rio Salado Community College16-46-3-801 Mar 2012exempt
Riverside Community College District16-46-3-822 Nov 2013exempt
Rutgers University16-46-3-829 Apr 2013exempt
Salon Professional Academy16-46-3-822 May 2014exempt
Salon Professional Academy16-46-3-822 May 2014exempt
Samford University16-46-3-717 Apr 2012exempt
Santa Barbara City College16-46-3-826 Jun 2014exempt
School of Medical Technology, Baptist Medical Center16-46-3-206 Mar 1986exempt
Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association16-46-3-618 Sep 2012exempt
Sinclair Community College16-46-3-804 Jun 2013exempt
Slippery Rock University16-46-3-819 Nov 2015exempt
South University16-46-3-701 Apr 2003exempt
Southeast Alabama Medical Center16-46-3-608 Dec 2011exempt
Southeast Institute for Higher Learning, LLC16-46-3-622 Sep 2011exempt
Southeast Missouri State University16-46-3-815 Jul 2013exempt
Southeastern Bible College16-46-3-131 Mar 2003exempt
Southeastern Fundamental Baptist College16-46-3-126 Apr 2005exempt
Southeastern School of Cosmetology16-46-3-802 Apr 2015exempt
Southern Apprenticeship & Training16-46-3-211 Apr 2006exempt
Southern Illinois University16-46-3-810 Jan 2014exempt
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale16-46-3-819 May 2011exempt
Spring Hill College16-46-3-703 Feb 2012exempt
St. Louis University16-46-3-818 Jun 2015exempt
Stanly Community College16-46-3-825 Oct 2013exempt
Stillman College16-46-3-723 May 2012exempt
SUNY Empire State College16-46-3-812 Sep 2016exempt
Talladega College16-46-3-703 May 2012exempt
Tennessee Board of Regents System16-46-3-805 Apr 2013exempt
Texas Southern University16-46-3-822 May 2014exempt
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center16-46-3-827 Jan 2012exempt
The Forerunner School of Ministry16-46-3-421 Jun 2010exempt
The Motion Institute16-46-3-118 Dec 2002exempt
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary16-46-3-110 Nov 2005exempt
The Veterans Corporation16-46-3-608 Nov 2004exempt
UA Local 119 Union Joint Apprentice Training Program16-46-3-203 Aug 2010exempt
United States Sports Academy16-46-3-7, amended04 Aug 2011exempt
University fo Wyoming16-46-3-814 May 2013exempt
University of Arizona16-46-3-818 Sep 2013exempt
University of Arkansas16-46-3-814 Jan 2013exempt
University of California Berkeley16-46-3-809 Oct 2013exempt
University of Cincinnati16-46-3-811 Dec 2012exempt
University of Delaware16-46-3-818 Sep 2013exempt
University of Florida16-46-3-826 Aug 2013exempt
University of Kansas16-46-3-818 Jun 2015exempt
University of Louisiana lafayette16-46-3-829 Jan 2013exempt
University of Louisville16-46-3-815 Aug 2015exempt
University of Maryland University College16-46-3-806 Sep 2012exempt
University of Maryland University College16-46-3-826 Oct 2015exempt
University of Massachusetts Amherst16-46-3-610 Jan 2018exempt
University of Massachusetts Lowell16-46-3-822 May 2014exempt
University of Michigan System16-46-3-822 Aug 2013exempt
University of Mississippi16-46-3-808 Feb 2013exempt
University of Missouri (MIZZOU Online)16-46-3-811 Oct 2012exempt
University of Mobile16-46-3-717 Dec 2008exempt
University of Montana16-46-3-814 Jan 2015exempt
University of Nebraska16-46-3-811 Apr 2013exempt
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill16-46-3-827 Apr 2011exempt
University of North Florida16-46-3-818 Sep 2012exempt
University of Northern Colorado16-46-3-822 Sep 2011exempt
University of Pittsburg16-46-3-822 Mar 2011exempt
University of South Carolina16-46-3-816 Apr 2014exempt
University of South Florida16-46-3-827 Aug 2012exempt
University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee16-46-3-827 Aug 2012exempt
University of Tennessee System16-46-3-825 Mar 2015exempt
University of Texas at El Paso16-46-3-808 Oct 2014exempt
University of Texas of the Permian Basin16-46-3-805 Sep 2013exempt
University of Toledo16-46-3-818 Jun 2015exempt
University of Utah16-46-3-804 Nov 2015exempt
University of West Florida16-46-3-801 Mar 2012exempt
University of West Georgia16-46-3-825 Oct 2011exempt
University of Wisconsin System16-46-3-826 Jun 2016exempt
Universiy of South Florida St. Petersburg16-46-3-827 Aug 2012exempt
Urshan Graduate School of Theology16-46-3-126 Jun 2014exempt
Utah Valley University16-46-3-822 Aug 2013exempt
Valdostat State Univeristy16-46-3-818 Jun 2015exempt
Veterans Association16-46-3-114 Jul 2007exempt
Victory Bible School16-46-3-122 Sep 2011exempt
Washington State University16-46-3-808 Apr 2011exempt
Weber State University16-46-3-825 Feb 2015exempt
West Chester University of Pennsylvania16-46-3-818 Aug 2016exempt
Western Carolina University16-46-3-826 Jan 2012exempt
Western Kentucky University16-46-3-802 May 2013exempt
Western Michigan University16-46-3-810 Jan 2014exempt
Western New Mexico University16-46-3-828 Jun 2011exempt
Western Oregon University16-46-3-827 Jan 2012exempt
Winonah Cosmetology School16-46-3-825 Mar 2015exempt
Word of Life Institute, Birmingham, Alabama16-46-3-130 Nov 2010exempt