The Economic Value and Impact of the Alabama Community College System


Impact Study Fast Facts
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Billion Dollars into State Economy

Jobs Supported

100,000 jobs supported

$1.1 billion added in tax revenue

Alabama’s community and technical colleges exist for our communities, and we have the data to prove it. A recent economic impact report helps prove that the Alabama Community College System is a wise investment for students, educators and taxpayers. 
Students and alumni of colleges within the Alabama Community College System add $6.6 billion to Alabama’s economy, supporting one out of every 27 jobs in the state. We embody Alabama, embrace our communities and embark on a forward path while pursuing excellence every day.

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A Big Return On Investment For

The State

Alabama’s 24 community and technical colleges have a collective $6.6 billion annual impact on the state’s economy.
The Alabama Community College System made up about 2.7% of the state’s total gross state product (GSP) in 2020-21.

Our Communities

Alumni and workers of the Alabama Community College System support nearly 100,000 jobs in our communities.
Alabama community college graduates have higher incomes, contributing to a larger tax base and a growing state.


The average Alabama community college graduate earns $7,900 more each year than a resident who does not obtain more than a high school diploma.
Alabama community and technical college students enjoyed an average rate of return on their college investment of 22.1%.


For every $1 invested in the ACCS, taxpayers get $7.40 back in added tax revenues and public sector savings.

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