Ala.Code 16-60-111(g) - Meetings

The board shall meet not less than quarterly on dates to be set by the board in official session, by the president, or by the Chancellor on written request of a majority of the board members. One meeting of the board each year shall be held with the members of the State Board of Education. The rules generally adopted by deliberative bodies for their government shall be observed and a quorum of five shall be present. Members of the board or any committee of the board may participate in meetings of the board or committees by telephone conference or similar communications equipment through which all persons participating in the meeting can hear each other at the same time, and participation by the members shall constitute presence at a meeting for all purposes. The Chancellor shall give notice of any meeting as required by law.

Ala.Code 16-60-114 - Powers of the Board of Trustees
The board shall be authorized to:
  1. Make rules and regulations for the government of community and technical colleges.
  2. Prescribe for the community and technical colleges the courses of study to be offered and the conditions for granting certificates, diplomas and/or degrees.
  3. Appoint or terminate the employment of the presidents of the community and technical colleges.
  4. Direct the expenditure of legislative appropriations of community and technical colleges.
  5. Prescribe qualifications for faculty and establish an annual salary schedule and tenure requirements for faculty at community and technical colleges.
  6. Accept gifts, donations, and devises and bequests of money and real and personal property for the benefit of community and technical colleges or any one of them.
  7. Establish a performance-based allocation process that is equitable and compatible with the services and programs offered by each individual campus.
Ala.Code 1975 § 16-60-111.6
Board required to delegate decision-making authority to Chancellor

Except where otherwise clearly indicated herein the board shall delegate to the Chancellor, authority for the Chancellor to act and make decisions concerning the management and operation of the community and technical colleges. The presidents of the community and technical colleges shall be responsible to the Chancellor for the day-to-day operation of the colleges.