2019 Joint Purchase Agreement

Released: 01/16/2019

Deadline for Questions: 01/25/2019

Bid Opening: 02/19/2019

Results Announced: 02/26/2018

Effective Dates: 03/01/2019 – 02/28/2020

Auto-Renew: TBD

Optional Extension: TBD

Detailed bid responses with supporting documentation necessary for purchasers and examiners can be found on the 2019 Joint Purchase Agreement Contract Award Vendors page.


 Released RFB

 Memorandum of Understanding

 JPA Addendum

 JPA Bid Evaluation Form


Questions and Answers

Question: Do the references have to be higher ed references? Located in Alabama? Can we list more than 3?

     Answer: References do not have to be from higher education institutions. The vendor does not have to be located in the state of Alabama. A minimum of 3 references is required, however, there is not a limit to how many references you can submit.

Question: Will our bid be considered for award if we do not have ISO 9001 certification but the manufacturers of the products we offer do have ISO 9001 certification?

     Answer: Yes, your bid will still be considered if your company does not have an ISO 9001 certification.

Question: Is it mandatory to bid the service portion of can just the product portion be bid?

     Answer: No, it is not mandatory to bid the service portion.

Question: As a manufacturer, can we name resellers under our contract so orders and payments can go through them or does it have to go through the contract holder?

     Answer: Contract orders and payments must go through the contract holder.

Question: Will security appliances and/or security software fall under the “software” and “other” categories that are stated under the Breadth of Offering section of the RFB?

     Answer: Yes, either the “software” and/or “other” category will cover security software, appliances, and software utilities that are used in addition to existing security software.

Question: Does the ISO 9001 certification pertain only to manufacturers that an authorized reseller bids or does this ISO 9001 certification pertain to any reseller that submits a bid?

     Answer: The ISO 9001 Certification only pertains to manufacturers and not authorized vendors/resellers.

Question: Should the ESS be included in the same PDF as the main bid or should it be a separate file and stored on a separate USB?

     Answer: While we did not specify in the current RFB whether the ESS should be included in the same PDF, ACCS would prefer separate media for the ESS portion.

Question: Define “maintenance service on equipment that is purchase”.

     Answer: Maintenance service is in relation to maintenance services sold by a manufacturer but performed by an outside entity. For example, Smartnet for Cisco, Juniper Support and Dell Maintenance.

Question: Must ISO 9001 certification be demonstrated at the time of the RFP response/submittal, or upon contact award to the accepted vendor?

     Answer: ISO 9001 Certification is required at the time of the response. However, ISO 9001 Certification is required by the entity manufacturing the equipment, not by the reseller.

Question: If a vendor is awarded the RFB, could this be a sole source award for a specific product, for example, printers?

     Answer: There are no sole source bid awards for the current RFB. Vendors are allowed to offer any and all products that fall within the categories listed under the Breadth of Offering.