ACCS Executive Search Firm

Start: 04/13/2012
End: 04/20/2012


Released RFP


Questions and Answers

Question: Can you tell me whether the System would like each proposal copy to be sealed individually in the sealed package when submitted?
Answer: That is not necessary.

Question: Are there any restrictions on which candidates can be solicited – i.e., are current Alabama State employees prohibited or classified as pre-identified candidates since they are in the Alabama system already?
Answer: No.

Question: Is ACCS only looking for candidates who would consider this a lateral move based on past job experience, or are you open to candidates who this position would be the next step in their career path?
Answer: No prohibitions on applicants.

Question: For section 3 C – “…provide background and exhaustive reference reports in writing for AT LEAST 10 Candidates...”, can ACCS provide addition information on this requirement as well as an estimate on the maximum number of reports expected?
Answer: An exhaustive background and references is an integral part of this application process. We anticipate a maximum of 20 reports.

Question: What is the proposed salary range for this opportunity?
Answer: This is negotiated with the State Board of Education.

Question: What is the full compensation and relocation package anticipated?   
Answer: Negotiated with the State Board of Education.

Question: What are the expectations for candidate interviews? If in-person interviews are required, will ACCS pay the travel expense for out-of-town candidates? 
Answer: We expect at least one on site interviews. The reimbursement of travel expenses has not been discussed in the present process, however, former candidates have been reimbursed for such expenses. 

Question: Is ACCS in agreement for video conferencing by firm prior to formal interview with college on selected candidates? 
Answer: This has not been discussed. 

Question: Is Susan Yvette Price (Interim Chancellor) being considered as a candidate for the full-time Chancellor role? 
Answer: Interim Chancellor Price has announced that she is not applying for the vacancy.

Question: Will internal (or internally referred) candidates be internally dispositioned prior to engaging the services of an outside recruiting firm, or will the agency take on the responsibility of vetting these candidates?  
Answer: This has not been discussed. 

Question: What are the terms of warranty/guarantee period? 
 There is no warranty/guarantee period.

Question: Will HCC award multiple contracts for this search? 
Answer: ACCS will not have multiple contracts for this search.

Question: Will suppliers be required to attend all called State Board of Education meetings? 
Answer: No.

Question: Are there any residency requirements for the awarded firm? 
Answer: No.

Question: Where is the opening currently posted? 
Answer: Posted as required by Alabama law §16-60-111.1. It is posted on the ACCS website, at all college campuses and worksites, and at the offices of all state and local boards of education.

Question: Are we correct in our interpretation that agencies will be required to mail all application packets and that e-mails and faxes will not be accepted? 
Answer: Yes.

Question: Would you be kind enough to provide us with a copy of the previous contract ADPE had with ACCT when they assisted with the hiring of the previous Chancellor? 
Answer: Please see a copy of the previous contract: 2009 Executive Search Firm Contract



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