ACCS Postsecondary Background Check

Start: 06/27/2012
End: 07/31/2012


Released RFP


Questions and Answers

Question: Do you currently have an ATS provider? If so, please describe.
Answer: No.

Question: How many background check orders did you complete in 2011? 
Answer: Approximately 2170 standard and 14 president level (6/1/11-6/1/12)

Question: Would you anticipate to search all maiden and alias names for applicants? If so, would you also plan on searching any or all counties of residence for these applicant names? 
Answer: Yes.

Question: Who is your current provider? 
Answer: Truescreen/ Vertical Screen.

Question: In your RFP, you asked respondents to include 'samples of web tools.' can provide a demo account log in for the Department, however we would prefer to disclose that directly to the evaluation committee. How may we go about doing this? Can a presentation be presented to the committee as well? 
Answer: A conference call may be available if needed.

Question: In your RFP, you asked for a 'signed statement by an authorized agent of your company guaranteeing the validity of you work.' Will a Letter of Transmittal complete this requirement? 
Answer: Yes, with signature of an authorized agent.

Question: Prices for certain searches, like the Alabama Statewide Criminal Searches & Alabama Motor Vehicle Report Searches , vary from state to state. We can provide pricing for these searches in two ways: (1) with a common unit price that will then have state fees added to it, or (2) as a full price for each state, with no additional fees — i.e., the price you see is the price you pay. Do you prefer evaluating pricing on a cost plus fee structure or full price structure? 
Answer: This is up to the provider. However, we would like to know the full price with a break down of the price.

Question: Can you clarify what you mean by "National Criminal Record Searches”? provides a Nationwide Database Search. Is is similar to what you are looking for? Please advise. 
Answer: Yes.

Question: “Specialized Subject Matter Reports, as requested” Please clarify what types of reports may be requested. 
Answer: General background information, including employment verification, that might affect job stability and security.

Question: UPS does not ship to P.O. Boxes. Can you please provide another address? 
Answer: 135 South Union Street, Montgomery, Al 36104

Question: Also do you have an estimated volume amount? 
Answer: 2170 standard and 14 president level.

Question: For References do you want education or does it not matter? 
?Answer: Education is requested on an as needed basis, usually for president searches.



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