Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006

The Carl D. Perkins Act is a federally funded Career and Technical Education (CTE) program designed to prepare individuals for employment in high skill, high wage or high demand jobs with current or emerging industries. CTE programs of study include competency-based applied learning which contributes to an individual's academic knowledge, problem solving skills, and the job-specific skill sets that today’s business and industry both want and need to remain competitive and increase their profitability.

  2016 - 2017 Carl D. Perkins Policy & Procedures Guidebook (7-11-16)
  Summary of Perkins Core Indicator Performance By College (2015-2016 reporting year)
  Omni Circular
  OMB Slides 1-23-14
  OCTAE Guidance Ability to Benefit, June 1, 2015
  Alabama Economic Outlook 2014
  Data Access & Exchange (DAX) System
  DAX Process Guide (2016)
Perkins Reporting and budgeting Forms - Reporting FY 2017
Perkins Budget Documentation
  FY 2017 Perkins Final Expenditure Report (3-13-18)
Perkins Budget Documentation
Perkins Monitoring Documentation
 FY 2018 Perkins Monitoring Checklist (3-13-18)
Perkins Reporting Documentation
  FY 2018 Perkins Report Documentation (3-13-18))
  FY 2018 College Perkins Report I (Core Indicators 1P1, 2P1, 3P1) (3-13-18)
  FY 2018 College Perkins Report II (Core Indicators 4P1, 5P1, 5P2) (3-13-18)
Perkins Budget Forms
  FY 2018 Perkins Budget and Amendment Form (3-7-18)
  FY 2018 Perkins Monthly Summary Report (3-13-18)
PERKINS Guidance
  CTE Program Income Guidance for Federal Programs (3-28-16)
  Gender Equity in Career and Technical Education (7-25-16)
  Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR)
  Guidance for Using Perkins Funds for Meals
  Required and Allowable Uses for Perkins Funds
  Perkins IV Non-regulatory Guidance - 4/13/2007
  Perkins IV Non-regulatory Guidance - 5/28/2009
  Perkins IV Non-regulatory Guidance - 4/22/15
  Memorandum #2014-LGL-053 - Reporting of Disabilities to DPE through DAX System