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Keeping Alabama's workforce well-trained for current and future jobs is a top priority in Alabama. Applications for funds to address local workforce development needs are accepted for consideration twice a year. Proposed activities must support preparing individuals to enter employment or advance in high-wage, high-demand occupations and must align with the Workforce Development Councils of Alabama regional strategies and occupational needs. Priority will be given to projects that address specific and immediate training/hiring needs.

Only entities under the Alabama Community College System (ACCS) may be recipients of state workforce development funds; non-ACCS training service providers are eligible to receive these funds if partnered with an ACCS entity for fiscal agent services.

Grant Applications and Documents (FY2018-2019)
FY2018-2019 Industry Certification Initiative and Special Populations Grant Application
 Appendix C-SEC Score Sheet and Conflict of Interest Non-Disclosure Statement (3-13-18)
 Project Guidelines and Application for ICI and Special Pops Funds (3-13-18)
 Baker Signature Page FY19 application (3-13-18)
FY2018-2019 Dual Enrollment Grant Application
 Dual Enrollment Funding Memorandum (2-27-17)
  Dual Enrollment Funding List (3-7-18)
  Request to Add a Dual Enrollment Program to the Funding List (3-7-18)   
  Dual Enrollment Cover Sheet 2018 (3-7-18)
  Dual Enrollment Guidlines and Grant Application (3-13-18)
FY2018-2019 Career Coach Grant Application
 Appendix B-Career Coach Performance Report
  Project Guidelines and Application for Career Coach Funds (3-13-18)
FY2018-2019 Ready to Work Grant Application
 Project Guidelines and Application for Ready to Work Funds (3-13-18)
FY2018-2019 STEAM Grant Application
  STEAM Grant Application (3-13-18)
FY2018-2019 Application for Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Funds
  MSSC Application (3-13-18)
FY2018-2019 Existing Industry Training Program (EITP) GRANT Application
  EITP Guidlines and Application (3-13-18)
  Budget & Budget Amendment (3-7-18)
  Career Coach Performance Document
 Dual Enrollment Backup Cover Sheet (3-7-18)
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