Job Seekers

Alabama JobLink
Self-service job matching site for employers and job seekers

Workforce Investment Board Consumer Information
Guide to Alabama's workforce training programs approved by the Alabama Workforce Investment Board

Alabama Department of Education
Alabama's Career/Technical Education programs develop the talents and skills of students in classroom settings that are rigorous, progressive and certified to international standards.

Alabama Department of Senior Services
Assists mature workers with employment options

Adult Education
This program, offered through ACCS, provides adult learners with an opportunity to improve their academic skills

GED Programs
The General Equivalency Diploma program documents that an individual has high school skills and opens the door to further education

Dual Enrollment
Through the dual enrollment program, eligible high school students can attend classes in high-growth, high-demand occupations at a nearby community college

Early College Enrollment Program
The ECEP provides an opportunity for qualifying high school students to work toward a technical college degree while completing their high school graduation requirements with free college tuition.