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ACCS Career Roadmap

A high Schooler's On-Ramp to the Alabama Career Roadmap


The ACCS High School Career Roadmap program introduces every Alabama ninth grader to Alabama’s 16 industry sector career tracks, fueling the opportunity for students to make informed, intentional decisions about their future after high school. The expectation is that beginning in the 2025-2026 academic year, every ninth-grade student entering high school will graduate having received postsecondary training.

Nearly half of Alabama’s public high school seniors do not pursue any kind of postsecondary education after graduation. In addition, Alabama has among the highest rate of residents ages 18 to 24 in the nation who are neither enrolled in postsecondary education or employed in the workforce. The state’s labor force participation rate is lower than the national average, and the state has only 38 available workers for every 100 jobs. Most of the jobs that pay a livable wage in Alabama require some kind of postsecondary credential.

We believe that by exposing students early to the roadmap of opportunities that await them in Alabama’s robust economy and in higher education, students will be able to make more informed, intentional career or college decisions. We want students to never miss a turn on their career roadmap. We believe the Alabama Career Roadmap is a foundational solution to stronger communities, a stronger workforce, and a stronger Alabama.


The success of the ACCS High School Career Roadmap rests in its ability to connect learning in the classroom with the needs and demands of the state’s workforce. Students who successfully complete their local college’s career exploration program will have access to dual enrollment or other accelerated learning opportunities, such as training through their college's Skills for Success courses. Both the Skills for Success courses, which are produced by the ACCS Innovation Center, and the colleges’ dual enrollment courses are no-cost opportunities that are funded by the Alabama Legislature. Beginning in 2025, every Alabama high school senior will have earned at least one postsecondary credit or workforce credential by 2029, better equipping them for success in Alabama’s workforce.

In addition to training, we want every student to have access to a trained mentor from business and industry, community and faithbased organizations who will partner with the ACCS to provide realworld direction on Alabama’s career clusters.


Dr. Chris Cox
Vice Chancellor, Instruction,
Research and Development
[email protected]