Career Technical Education Equipment

Grant Guidelines

The Alabama Community College System (ACCS) Workforce Development Division is accepting applications to support high priority equipment needs within the community college system. These funds will support equipment costs for CTE programs that prepare students for careers in high priority occupations and/or industry sectors.  The ACCS will prioritize the funds to support colleges needing to replace outdated equipment, equipment for new career technical education programs, and equipment to outfit new facilities. Other considerations will include:


Response to a high priority need of business and industry


The workforce development priorities of the region in which the equipment is being requested


Utilization of equipment from past workforce development grant awards

The objective of this grant opportunity is to reduce the burden of equipment expenses for Community College Career and Technical Education programs and support student skill training with equipment aligned with the current and future skills needed by business and industry.

Career Technical Education Equipment

Project Specifications

Allowable expenses

Allowable expenses under the Career Technical Education Equipment fund only includes the purchase of equipment for Career and Technical Education programs at an Alabama Community College.  Applicants may also request to cover the cost of professional development that is required to use the requested equipment. Materials and supplies, salaries, and other expenses are NOT eligible for funding through this grant.

For this grant “equipment” is defined as: tangible, nonexpendable property that has a useful life of more than one year or computer equipment (defined as devices or equipment that can receive, store, and transmit data) with a useful life of more than one year. Please contact the ACCS workforce division for any questions about what is considered “equipment” for the purposes of this grant.

Eligible Entities

Funding from the Career Technical Education Equipment fund is only available for Alabama Community Colleges.  All awardees must also be able to fully encumber their allocations by September 30.


Allocations will be made on a competitive basis. Applicants may apply for any amount up to the total amount available for the state (i.e., $5 million). The ACCS may fully fund an application or provide partial awards.

The ACCS intends to consider the following when reviewing applications:

  • The equipment needs of a college’s approved facility project
  • Number of students served by each proposal
  • Potential impact of equipment requested
  • Sustainability of equipment requested

Application Submission, Review, and Approval

  1. Applications for funds must be received by the ACCS Workforce Development Division in the prescribed format using the ACCS Online Form.
  2. Upon submittal, a notification of receipt will be generated to the contact person’s email as entered in the online form.
  3. ACCS will conduct a preliminary review of applications for completeness.
  4. ACCS will conduct a Proposal Review Committee meeting.
  5. Upon approval, the ACCS Workforce Development Division will submit to the applicant a Notification of Award and a Grant Agreement that provides details regarding appropriate accounting and compliance practices.

Ready to Apply!

Applicants should be prepared to respond to the on-line application questions as specified, as well as complete appropriate forms and attach applicable documents as indicated below:

Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act (Protection Act)

As a condition of any funds awarded, the grantee agrees to comply with the terms of the Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act and any subsequent amendments.  It is the responsibility of the fiscal agent to ensure compliance of this Act by all sub-grantees.

For more information about this grant opportunity, contact Tara Brown, Grant Manager at [email protected]. 

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