ACCS ASPIRE 2030 Resources

Request for Proposal (RFP) Resources
Chancellor’s Memorandum – ACCS ASPIRE 2030
ACCS ASPIRE 2030 – Request for Proposals – Phase 1
Committee Documentation Form
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Phase 1

Reading Resources on Adult Education
Changing the Equation: Empowering Adult Learners with Edtech
LINCS for Adult Educators in Career Pathways and Workforce Development
Accelerating Opportunity in Rural Regions: Designing Pathway Programs for Adults and Other Non-Traditional Learners

Reading Resources on Campuses/Facilities
Campus of the Future
Future of the Campus in a Digital World
Campus: Reboot and Redesign
The Future of Academic Libraries and Media Literacy in the Experience Economy
Right-Sizing for the Future

Reading Resources on Community Engagement and Community Development
Community Colleges and the Community: How Leaders Can Ensure their College Meets Local Needs
Success is What Counts: A Community College Guide to Community Engagement & Strategic Partnerships.
Capacity Building for Community Engagement in Community Colleges
Building Higher Education Community Development Corporation Partnerships

Reading Resources on Economic Development
Economic Diversification: How Community Colleges Prepare the Workforce
Economic Diversification: How Community Colleges Support Community Initiatives
Economic Diversification: How Community Colleges Partner with Economic Development Organizations
Community Colleges’ Crucial Role in Powering Local Economies

Reading Resources on Financial Management
Essential Guide to Cost Containment Strategies for Higher Education
Shared Services Primer
Ease the Transition to Shared Services with a Plan for Change Management Hurdles

Reading Resources on Strategic Planning
The Indispensable Institution
NCES Projections of Education Statistics to 2028
Stop Planning!
Reimagining Higher Education Post-Coronavirus
Achieving Institutional Sustainability Through Relevancy
Admin 101: How to Manage the Strategic Planning Process
Admin 101: Tips on Carrying out Your Strategic Plan

Reading Resources on Teaching, Learning, and Student Success
The New Learning Ecosystem
2020 Educause Horizon Report – Teaching and Learning Edition
The Transformation-Ready Higher Education Institution
Aligning for Student Success
Changed, Changed Utterly
Responding to Divergent Trend – Vocation and Transfer Education at Community Colleges
What We are Learning about Guided Pathways – Part 1

Reading Resources on Technology
What the Shift to Virtual Learning Could Mean for the Future of Higher Ed
Looking Ahead at IT and Higher Ed
Alchemy, Innovation, and Learning, in 2025
Six Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2020
The 3 New S’s of IT: Sectoral Shared Services

Reading Resources on Workforce Development
Three Factors Will Impact Community College Efforts to Make Workforce Training Relevant Following the Pandemic
On-Ramps to Good Jobs: Fueling Innovation for the Learning Ecosystem of the Future
Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce
The Evolving Mission of Workforce Development in the Community College

Adult Education

Affiliated Divisions and Organizations
Literacy Information and Communication System
U. S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE)
National Reporting System for Adult Education
National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy
Southern LINCS

Forms, Guidelines and Policies
AEFLA Resource Guide
2017-2018 Assessment Policy for AEFLA Programs
Alabama Adult Education Procedure Manual
Application to Take GED Test for 16 & 17 Year Olds
Career Pathway Toolkit
CCR Standards for Adult Education
Certificate of Exemption
Combined Stated Plan October 2016
Memorandum Explaining Guidelines for 16 & 17 Year Olds ( revised December, 2017)
Parental Permission Form
Senate Bill 334/State Law Regarding High School Dropouts(September, 2009)
Student Exit Interview Form
HSDO Step-by-Step Guidance
HSDO Eligibility Form
HSDO Final Transcript Form
HSDO Plan of Instructions for Option 1 Students
HSDO Plan of Instructions for Option 2 Students
HSDO Transcript Audit Form
HSDO Transcript Request Form

Quick Links
Alabama WIOA Implementation Self Assessment Planning Tool
A Resource Guide to Employer Engagement
Making Skills Everyone’s Business A Call to Transform Adult Learning in the United States
WIOA Govern Leadership Fact Sheet
WIOA OneStop Fact Sheet
WIOA Resources from US Department of Labor
WIOA Resources from the US Department of Education
WIOA Youth Program Fact Sheet
WIOA New Regulations Training Video
ITA Payment Guidelines
Governor’s Workforce Innovation Directives

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

ACCS CTE Credentials and Certifications Listing (Updated February 7 2018)
ACCS CTE Program Advisory Committee Guidebook (Updated June 22 2015)
ACCS Standardized Course Submission Guidelines (Updated June 29 2015)
ACHE Off Campus Request for New Site
Agreement to Offer Off Campus Instruction
Amatrol Training Video
Amatrol LMS Help Documents
Budget and Completions Summary
Course Directory Resources
Course Submission Guidelines
CTE Course Articulation Credit Request Form
Expenditure Report – Equipment Inventory of Purchases
Intent to Submit a Program Application (ISPA) – 2020
Leadership in Child Care Scholarship
New Instructional Program Application (Updated December 2020)
Option – Updated September 2020
Requests for New Instructional Programs Guidelines
Sample DDT Stackable Certificate-Degree/Credential Program
Sample ENT Stackable Certificate-Degree/Credential Program
Sample ILT Stackable Certificate-Degree/Credential Program
Sample INT (Electrical and Instrumentation) Stackable Certificate- Degree/Credential Program
Sample INT Stackable Certificate-Degree/Credential Program (Multi-Skilled).pdf
Sample MTT Stackable Certificate-Degree/Credential Program
Sample WDT Stackable Certificate-Degree/Credential Program
Short-term Certificate Program Application (Existing Programs) (Updated September 2020)
Short-term Certificate Program Application (New Programs) (Updated September 2020)
Site Request Form
Stackable Credentials and Career Readiness Indicators (CRIs)
Statewide Articulation MOU (Memo #2017-WED-074)
Transfer FAQ

CTE Programs Approved for Statewide Articulation

Statewide Articulation MOU (Memo #2017-WED-074)
Statewide Articulation Establishment Procedures
Automotive Body Repair
– ABR 122 Surface Preparation
– ABR 123 Paint Application and Equipment
– ABR 151 Safety and Environmental Practices
Accounting Technology
– ACT 104 Introduction to Business
– ACT 141 Fundamentals of Accounting I
Advanced Manufacturing
– ADM 105 Fluid Systems
– ADM 208 Intro to Technical Drawing
Automotive Technology
– ASE-AUM 110 Electrical and Electronic Systems I
– ASE-AUM 112 Electrical Fundamentals
Automotive Manufacturing Technology
– AUT 110 DC Fundamentals
– AUT 111 AC Fundamentals
– AUT 112 Alternating Current Fundamentals
– AUT 130 Fundamentals of Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics
– AUT 149 Basic Machining Technology
– AUT 150 Introduction to Machine Shop I
– AUT 151 Introduction to Machine Shop I Lab
– AUT 186 Principles of Industrial Maintenance Welding and Metal Cutting
– AUT 253 Introduction to Computer Numerical Control
Building Construction
– BUC 110 Basic Construction Tools and Materials
– BUC 115 Roof and Ceiling Framing
– BUC 121 Floors and Walls Framing
– BUC 131 Interior and Exterior Finishes
Cabinet making
– CAB 140 Woodfinishing Fundamentals
– CAR 111 and 114 Construction Basics and Construction Basics Lab
– CAR 112 and 113 Floors, Walls, and Site Prep and Floors, Walls and Site Prep Lab
– CAR 131 and 133 Roof and Ceiling Systems and Roof and Ceiling Systems Lab
– CAR 132 Interior and Exterior Finishes
Commercial Art
– CAT 152 Digital Photography
Child Development
– CHD 100 Introduction to Early Care and Education of Children
– CHD 202 Children’s Creative Experiences
Computer Science
– CIS DPT 111 Word Processing Software Applications
– CIS DPT 113 Spreadsheet Software Applications
– CIS DPT 115 Presentation Graphics Software Applications
– CIS DPT 149 Introduction to Computers
– CIS DPT 161 Introduction to Network Communications
Clerical Technology
– CLR 101 Beginning Keyboarding
– CLR 104 Advanced Keyboarding
– CLR 125 Basic Word Processing
Computerized Numerical Control
– CNC 111 Introduction to Computer Numerical Control
– CNC 139 Basic Computer Numerical Control
– COS 111 and 112 Introduction to Cosmetology and Introduction to Cosmetology Lab
– COS 117 and 118 Basic Spa Techniques and Basic Spa Techniques Lab
Culinary Arts-Chef Training
– CUA 101 Orientation to the Hospitality Profession
– CUA 112 Sanitation, Safety, and Food Service
Dental Assisting
– DAT DNT 100 Introduction to Dental Assisting
– DDT 111 Fundamentals of Drafting and Design Technology
– DDT 124 Intro to Technical Drawing
Electronic Engineering Technology
– EET 103 DC Fundamentals
– EET 104 AC Fundamentals
Electromechanical Technology
– ELM 200 Electric Circuits I
– ELM 201 Electric Circuits II
– ELM 210 Fluid Power I
Electrical Technology
– ELT 106 or 109 AC Principles of Electricity II or AC Fundamentals
– ELT 107 DC Principles of Electricity II or ELT 108 DC Fundamentals
– ELT 110 Wiring Methods
– ELT 118 Commercial/Industrial Wiring
Heating Air conditioning Refrigeration
– ACR ASC 112 HVACR Service Procedures
– ACR ASC 112 Principles of Electricity for HVAC/R
– ACR ASC 123 HVAC/R Electrical Components
– HOC 110 Introduction to Horticulture and HOC 120 Plant Propagation
– HOC 136 Residential Landscape
Industrial Automation Technology
– IAT 121 Fundamentals of Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics
– IAT 141 DC Fundamentals
– IAT 245 AC Fundamentals
Industrial Engineering Technology
– IET 111 DC Fundamentals
– IET 131 Fluid Power Systems
– IET 143 Principles of Electricity
Industrial Electronics Technology
– ILT 160 DC Fundamentals
– ILT 161 AC Fundamentals
– ILT 169 Hydraulics/Pneumatics
– ILT 195 Troubleshooting Techniques I
Industrial Maintenance Technology
– INT 101 DC Fundamentals
– INT 103 AC Fundamentals
– INT 118 Fundamentals of Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics
– INT 134 Principles of Industrial Maintenance Welding and Metal Cutting
– INT 153 Precision Machining Fundamentals I
– MAS 111 Masonry Fundamentals
– MAS 121 Brick/Block Masonry Fundamentals
– MAS 131 Brick/Block Masonry Fundamentals II
Machine Shop Technology
– MSP 101 Basic Machining Technology
– MSP 111 Introduction to Computer Numerical Control
Machine Tool Technology
– MTT 139 Basic Computer Numerical Control
– MTT 147 Introduction to Machine Shop I
Office Administration
– OAD 103 Intermediate Keyboarding
– OAD 110 Computer Navigation
– OAD 125 Word Processing
– OAD 135 Financial Record Keeping
Office Administration
– SET 103 Intermediate Keyboarding
– SET 110 Computer Navigation
– SET 125 Word Processing
– SET 135 Financial Record Keeping
Pharmacy Tech
– PHM 100 Pharmacy Technician/Assistant
Radio and TV Broadcasting
– RTV 125 Digital Photography Foundation
Visual Communications
– VCM 145 Introduction to Digital Photography

Faculty Credentials Policy Review Committee

Membership Roster

Minutes of Meetings
– Minutes of Meeting – May 15, 2018
– Minutes of Meeting – October 23, 2018
– Minutes of Meeting – November 27, 2018
– Minutes of Meeting – December 3, 2018
– Minutes of Meeting – February 7, 2019
– Minutes of Meeting – February 26, 2019
– Minutes of Meeting – April 1, 2019
– Minutes of Meeting – April 4, 2019
– Minutes of Meeting – April 29, 2019
– Minutes of Meeting – May 6, 2019
– Minutes of Meeting – June 13, 2019

Public Comments Portal
Click here to leave feedback on proposed revisions to ACCS policies 605.02 and 605.03 (faculty credentials and promotion/progression in rank).

Proposed Policies/Procedures
Policy 605.02 Faculty Credentialing and Rank/Step Placement
Chancellor’s Procedures 605.02 Faculty Credentialing and Rank/Step Placement
Policy 605.03 Promotion/Progression in Rank
Chancellor’s Procedures 605.03 Promotion/Progression in Rank

Proposed Program Inventories
Program Inventory – ACA (Academic)
Program Inventory – CTE1 (Formerly B Level)
Program Inventory – CTE2 (Formerly C Level)

Proposed Salary Schedules D-1 and D-2
Proposed Pay Schedule for New Salary Ranks

Current Policies, Guidelines, and Resources
Faculty Credentials Charts (By Rank)
Faculty Credentials Charts (By Group)
SACSCOC Faculty Credentials Guidelines
Diploma Mills – Information from the US Department of Education
Diploma Mills – Information from the Federal Trade Commission
List of Accrediting Agencies Recognized by the US Department of Education