Alabama Community College System

(Area Code: 334)


Jimmy H. Baker Chancellor 293-4524
Lela Taylor Executive Assistant to the Chancellor 293-4524
Susan Price Sr .Vice Chancellor, System Development & Strategic Advancement and Chief of Staff 293-4551
Kailah Dozier Community Engagement Coordinator 293-4558
Sarah Owes
Executive Administrative Assistant 293-4706

External Affairs

Boone Kinard Executive Director of External Affairs 293-4718
Zach Lee
Regional External Affairs Liaison
Frazier Payne Regional External Affairs Liaison 324-8454
Mark Bailey Chief Safety & Security Officer (205) 810-9737
Joe Williams
Regional External Affairs and Congressional Liaison


Ebony Horton Director of Communications and Marketing 293-4655
Clinton Bourgeois
Media Producer
Ty Cowan
Creative Media Specialist 293-4652
Clyde Hancock Creative Media Administrator 293-4544
Russell Moore Communications & Public Affairs Coordinator 293-4533
Christy Sparks
Webmaster 293-4612

Fiscal Services

Sara Calhoun
Chief Financial Officer 293-4661
Deanne Cleveland
Administrative Assistant (Fiscal) 293-4513
Brian Harrison
Regional Chief Financial Officer 293-4530
Jessica Davis
Regional Chief Financial Officer 324-7141
Robin Head
Payroll & Fiscal Officer
Cheryl Jarman
Grants Accountant
Tina Johnson Accounts Payable & Fiscal Officer
Barbara Barnett-Jones
Accounting Clerk
Julia Dennis Fiscal Accountant 293-4527
Jacquelyn Lewis
Fiscal Accountant 293-4625
William Merrill
Deputy Chief Financial Officer 293-4720
Laurie Rhoads
Fiscal Services Specialist
Tammie Thompson Office Manager for Fiscal Services 293-4662


Tammie Thompson Property Manager 293-4662
Albert Harvey
Building & Property Coordinator 293-4569


David Bess Regional Facilities/Project Director 734-0946
Harun Biswas Regional Facilities/Project Director (470) 848-3146
Mark Salmon
Chief Facilities Officer 293-4610
Sheila Smith
Administrative Assistant


Donna Boutwell Director of Compliance 293-4629
Erika Doody Financial Compliance Accountant 293-4510

Information Technology

Ben Rosebrock Vice Chancellor, Information Technology 293-4502
Cedric Arrington
Sr. Business Analyst – Banner Functional Student Support (334) 241-1355
Karen Becker
Deputy Chief Information Officer
Brad Bird
Director of Governance, Risk, and Compliance 377-0290
Samantha Brown
Technical Support Manager 293-4542
Kathi Carr Business Analyst – Elevate (205) 856-7783
Chris Cheatwood
Director of Enterprise Reporting 293-4534
Gail Childs Senior Information Analyst for Accounts Receivable 293-4562
Derrick Cobb Network and Phone Administrator 293-4539
Noah Dubose
Banner Security Administrator
Ana Foshee
Business Analyst-Finance
Brandon Froehlich
Systems Administrator 293-4525
Gloria Harris
IT Operations Technician 293-4545
Randy Maltbie
Technical Architect 293-4514
Stephen Moore
Technical Services Director 293-4505
Tokrica Mack
Administrative Assistant
Mohammad Obiedat
Executive Director of Enterprise Applications 293-4722
Dr. Latresha Pinkston
IT Specialist I 293-4715
Molly Pollard
Customer Relations Management Administrator 293-4512
Michael Pruett
Information Security Officer 293-4560
Anthony Richey Systems Analyst for Financial Aid 293.4699
Dustin Savage Security Operations Center Manager 293-4543
Jeremy Sexton IT Operations Technician 293-4793
Jonathan Shell Splunk Enterprise Architect 293-4573
Deborah Spann Business Analyst – Degree Audit 293-4516
Brandon Steward
Enterprise Engineer (256) 549-8411
Shain Wilson Senior Information Analyst – HR & Payroll (205) 299-6700

Legal and Human Resources

David O’Brien Sr. Associate Counsel 293-4604
Amanda Wilkins
Legal Services Administrator 293-4602
Dorothy Davis Receptionist 293-4500
Nikita Payne
Director, Human Resources 293-4603
Charlene Finkelstein Human Resources Generalist 293-4628

Student Success

Dr. Neil Scott Executive Director of Student Success 293-4523
Tessa Brown
Assistant Director of Strategic Enrollment Management – Early College Programs 293-4531
Devan Flowers Assistant Director of Strategic Enrollment Management (Non-Traditional Students) 293-4600
Philip Green Assistant Director of Strategic Enrollment Management (Communication) 293-4651
Taylor Hilyer
Financial Aid Veterans Affairs Coordinator
Sacha Smith Administrative Assistant 293-4557

Instruction, Research, and Development

Dr. Vicky Ohlson Vice Chancellor, Instruction, Research, and Development 293-4568
Dr. Chantae Calhoun Director of Academic Affairs 293-4536
Dr. Bryant Cline
Director of Health Programs 293-4529
Natalie English Executive Director of Career and Technical Education 293-4574
Virginia Frazer Program Assistant / Administrative Assistant 293-4552
Trish Jones Instructional Program Officer 293-4555
Dr. Veronica Morin
Associate Director of STEM and Distance Education 293-4520
Yolanda Terrell Career & Technical Education Program Analyst 293-4611
Kelly Birchfield
Director, Organizational Effectiveness and Research
Lisa Rollan Grants Coordinator 293-4538
Shannon Richardson Administrative Assistant 293-4668

State Approving Agency

James Thompson State Approving Agency Director 293-4708
Kimberly Minniefield
Administrative Support Specialist
Laura Taylor
State Approving Agency Program Analyst

Private School Licensure

Tivoli Nash Director of Private School Licensure 293-4653
Temetra Berry
Private School Licensure Compliance Specialist 293-4650
Allaina Robinson
Private School Licensure Specialist 293-4654

Workforce and Economic Development

Keith Phillips
Executive Director for ATN/Vice Chancellor of Workforce and Economic Development 293-4673
Barry May
Executive Director of Workforce & Economic Development
Tara Brown
Workforce Grant Manager
Jennifer Hall Regional Workforce Director – Southern Region 406-6782
Charles Jones
Regional Workforce Director, At Large 414-2089 
Elizabeth Strickland
Workforce Coordinator 293-4521
Gary Weaver
Regional Workforce Director
Audrey Webb
Project Director – The ALAMAP Project 293-4541

Workforce Initiatives & Solutions

Mara Harrison
Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Education and Workforce Transformation 293-4540
Houston Blackwood
Workforce Director of the Innovation Center 293-4591
(256) 412-3816 Cell
Julie Frizzell Director of Innovation Center 205-391-2240
(205) 292-3394 Cell
Brandi Merrill Director of Curriculum Design 293-4712

Adult Education and GED Testing

David Walters Executive Director of Adult Education / Special Projects and System Initiatives 293-4561
Alex Harris Deputy Executive Director 293-4559
Dr. Terri Dunn Southern Region Director of Adult Education 652-1739
Sharon Ingram
Adult Education Budget Analyst 293-4710
Kathleen Jones Central Region Director of Adult Education 293-4547
Phyllis Kelley
DHR Project Director 293-4532
Courtney Monnette
Special Programs Project Director for Adult Education 293-4590
Lemonte Prater
Adult Education Accountant 293-4570
Dr. Naomi Scales Education Administrator 293-4563
Rachel Thomas
Adult Education Specialist 293-4515
Paula Thompson
Adult Education Specialist 293-4564
Dana Wolfe North Region Director of Adult Education (251)978-6759
Saleta Zeigler
Adult Education Accountant 293-4519
Kim Gaines Administrative Assistant 293-4567
Letrice Ware Communications & Public Relations Coordinator 293-4701

Alabama Community College Conference

J. Dean Myrick ACCC Commissioner 293-4546

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