ACCS strives to procure quality products and services at a competitive price from suppliers and contractors who can best meet the functional, quality, schedule and service needs of our system.  We are committed to diversity, opportunity and fairness, and encourage open competition for our business.

Active RFP

Payment Gateway Provider for Alabama Community College System
RFP Issue Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Deadline for Receipt of Proposals: Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. CT
Point of Contact: Ben Rosebrock,
Payment Gateway RFP

2019 Joint Purchase Agreement

Released: 01/16/2019
Deadline for Questions: 01/25/2019
Bid Opening: 02/19/2019
Results Announced: 03/04/2019
Effective Dates: 03/04/2019 – 02/28/2020
Auto-Renew: 03/01/2020
Optional Extension: TBD

Vendors Awarded

Vendor Contract Number Bid Response
Academic Technologies ACCSITJPA-2019-0001 Bid Response
Ameritek Document Solutions ACCSITJPA-2019-0003 Bid Response
Apogee ACCSITJPA-2019-0004 Bid Response
Arey Jones ACCSITJPA-2019-0005 Bid Response
Berney Office Solutions ACCSITJPA-2019-0006 Bid Response
Carousel Industries ACCSITJPA-2019-0009 Bid Response
CDWG ACCSITJPA-2019-0010 Bid Response
CMA ACCSITJPA-2019-0012 Bid Response
C-Spire ACCSITJPA-2019-0013 Bid Response
CSS-Computer Support Systems ACCSITJPA-2019-0014 Bid Response
One Diversified ACCSITJPA-2019-0017 Bid Response
High Tide Technology ACCSITJPA-2019-0019 Bid Response
Howard Technology Solutions ACCSITJPA-2019-0020 Bid Response
HPE ACCSITJPA-2019-0021 Bid Response
InCare ACCSITJPA-2019-0022 Bid Response
Information Transport Solutions ACCSITJPA-2019-0002 Bid Response
Instructure ACCSITJPA-2019-0023 Bid Response
ION247 ACCSITJPA-2019-0024 Bid Response
Konica Minolta ACCSITJPA-2019-0025 Bid Response
Layer 3 Communications ACCSITJPA-2019-0026 Bid Response
LIC, INC dba LST. ACCSITJPA-2019-0027 Bid Response
Lockstep Technology Group ACCSITJPA-2019-0028 Bid Response
Logista ACCSITJPA-2019-0029 Bid Response
M3 Techonology Group ACCSITJPA-2019-0030 Bid Response
Moffitt Technology ACCSITJPA-2019-0031 Bid Response
MXN Corp ACCSITJPA-2019-0032 Bid Response
Nside ACCSITJPA-2019-0033 Bid Response
Pinnacle Networx ACCSITJPA-2019-0034 Bid Response
Presidio Networked Solutions ACCSITJPA-2019-0035 Bid Response
Prosys ACCSITJPA-2019-0036 Bid Response
R J Young ACCSITJPA-2019-0038 Bid Response
ShareStream Educational ACCSITJPA-2019-0039 Bid Response
Sharp Business Systems ACCSITJPA-2019-0040 Bid Response
Synergetics ACCSITJPA-2019-0041 Bid Response
The ESB Group ACCSITJPA-2019-0042 Bid Response
The Solutions Team ACCSITJPA-2019-0043 Bid Response
TSA ACCSITJPA-2019-0044 Bid Response
Venture Technologies ACCSITJPA-2019-0045 Bid Response

Vendors Pending Legal Approval

  • Dell EMC
  • Dell Technology

Relevant Documents

Award Letter
Memorandum of Understanding
JPA Bid Evaluation Form
Released RFB
JPA Addendum