Private School Licensure


The Private School Licensing Division is a part of the Alabama Community College System and as such, its records are public and subject to inspection within the bounds of the Open Records Law.


It is generally recognized that courses of instruction, whether in residence, distance, or correspondence, result in substantial benefits for students pursuing such courses, provided that such courses are designed and administered in accordance with recognized educational standards and practices. To ensure that Alabamians who attend private, proprietary postsecondary educational institutions are protected from fraud, the state enacted laws prescribing that all schools, except those exempted by law, shall first secure an Alabama Private School License from the Alabama Community College System. All schools must either obtain an Alabama Private School License or a Certificate of Exemption.


The Private School Licensure Division of the Alabama Community College System issues Private School Licenses to proprietary postsecondary schools interested in offering courses of instruction, whether on a resident campus or through distance learning, within the State of Alabama; based on the Guidelines for Private School License requirements.


Tivoli Nash
Director of Private School Licensure
[email protected]

Allaina Robinson Myles
Private School Licensure Specialist
[email protected]

Temetra Berry
Compliance Specialist
[email protected]