Application for Alabama Community Colleges
ACCS Credential Award For Rapidly-Delivered, Non-Credit Programs of Value

The Alabama Community College System (ACCS) invites applications from Alabama Community Colleges to develop one ACCS Credentialed non-credit program of value and one accompanying for-credit short-term certificate with occupation relevancy in order to promote a state model toward programs that lead to In-Demand Occupations. Institutions may receive $200,000.00 to support alignment efforts including curriculum development, course adjustments, articulation agreements, prior learning assessments, etc. regarding delivery of the ACCS Credential.

ACCS Credential Initiative

The purpose of the ACCS State-Wide Credentialing Initiative is to develop stackable credentials in non-credit workforce programs that are categorized as industry-recognized credentials of value, and, where possible, exist on occupation-driven pathways leading to in-demand jobs and/or Associate Degree completion. An ACCS credential serves to verify that an individual has achieved a baseline of competence in workforce/talent development. ACCS credentials are vetted by an ACCS committee and awarded by individual community colleges.

Qualities of the ACCS Credential (based on adopted definition from National Skills Coalition)

A quality credential provides individuals with the opportunity to achieve their employment and educational goals. ACCS requires valid and reliable, transparent evidence that the ACCS credential satisfies the criteria that constitute quality. For the purposes of this application, non-credit programs receiving the ACCS Credential must meet the following criteria:

  • Required: Substantial number of employment opportunities available for credential holders
  • Required: Training program is developed as a partnership with business and industry
  • Required: Transparent evidence of the skills (competencies) mastered by credential holders
  • Required: Transparent evidence of the actual employment and earnings outcomes of individuals after obtaining the credential
  • Desired: Stackability to additional education or training along a pre-determined pathway

Review of Application

Each ACCS community college may submit one application for award. The criteria for prioritizing applications and the order of award will be based on the following:

  • Occupation relevancy for both non-credit and credit program
  • Efficiency of course delivery for both non-credit and credit program
  • Incorporation of industry need on a state-level
  • Indication of a lasting, self-sustaining model
  • Ability to provide students with workforce related job training and advancement in a particular field of study
  • Innovation toward rapid delivery
  • Program’s efficacy in a state model
  • Evidence of student success (for existing programs)


  • Program for Consideration

  • In partnership with the above mentioned entities, we the Alabama Community College of
  • agree training needs such as design, instruction, and curricula associated with the above mentioned programs were created in full partnership with industrial agencies. In partnering, it is agreed that the program will receive support from business and industry in the recruitment, retention, and advancement of participants as well as in advancing program needs that may be individually served by both agencies.
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  • Course TitleCourse Code