Natalie English, Director of Career and Technical Education (CTE) at the Alabama Community College System, has been selected to serve as a coach for the Postsecondary State CTE Leaders Fellowship at Advance CTE for Fellows of an inaugural program aimed at addressing racial equity gaps in postsecondary CTE leadership.

She was chosen as a result of her reputation as a “well-respected and recognized leader in the field of Career and Technical Education,” according to the organization.

The Fellows are aspiring postsecondary Career Technical Education (CTE) leaders in local and state-level positions from across the country who are committing to a 15-month program to develop the knowledge, tools, and skills to become transformative-minded leaders equipped to deliver high-quality and equitable postsecondary CTE programs to each learner.

As a coach, English is set to meet quarterly as a group and monthly individually with her mentee.

“I am honored to have been selected to serve in this capacity,” English said.

Advance CTE is the longest-standing national non-profit that represents State Directors and state leaders responsible for secondary, postsecondary and adult Career Technical Education (CTE) across all 50 states and U.S. territories. Established in 1920, Advance CTE supports visionary state leadership, cultivates best practices and speaks with a collective voice to advance high-quality CTE policies, programs and pathways that ensure career success for each learner.