Part 2 of ACCS’s Communications’ National Student Transfer Week road trip took us to Gadsden State Community College and Jacksonville State University, where  students and staff gave us more information on scholarships and student life during and after community college years.

Dr. Dana Davis of Gadsden State said students don’t miss out on scholarships because there are transfer scholarships available.

“Students shouldn’t have any concern about the transfer process. …Our four-year institutions recognize the value of community college students and the diversity and benefits that they bring to those campuses.”

-Dr. Dana Davis, Advisement Resource Center, Gadsden State Community College

Roxanne Bailey is a Transfers Admissions Counselor and an alum of Snead State Community College. She said JSU offers students with at least a 3.0 GPA and 45 transfer credit hours, they’d receive automatic scholarships per semester.

“That is $12,000 just for making As and Bs at a community college just for knocking out those pre-req courses.”

-Roxanne Bailey, Jackson State University Transfer Admissions Counselor and Snead State alum

Bailey said there are multiple programs in place to assist community college students adjusting at the four-year university.

Icelda Beltran transferred to JSU from Snead State Community College. She, along with Gadsden State alum Caely Williams and Bevill State alum Kylie Ronnie were very involved in student activities at the community college level and stayed involved with new opportunities at JSU.

Gadsden State alum Kevin Carr, who was a basketball player at Gadsden State, strongly encouraged athletes to consider the NJCAA athletic opportunities available at the community college.

Stay tuned for more talks with transfer students, and feel free to drop your own #NationalTransferWeek story about your transfer experience from an Alabama community college!