ACCS Instructional Leadership Academy

The ACCS Instructional Leadership Academy is a year-long training for faculty that focuses on developing current and future instructional leaders. Founded in the spring of 2018, ILA helps participants develop and apply evidence-based teaching practices to improve student learning and promote a greater degree of equity in higher education, while also developing those leadership skills needed to inspire and facilitate learning for their colleagues.

ILA participants focus their efforts on redesigning their highest enrollment course through a series of Chancellor Challenges to make the biggest difference the quickest and with the most students as possible, while building as much momentum as possible for future improvements. These redesigns are available online for students 24/7 and require intentional incorporation of the highest-impact strategies to maximize engagement, support, and relevancy.

Cohort Schedule

The ACCS Instructional Leadership Academy begins July/Aug of each year and ends in May. Candidates for each cohort are selected by Instructional Deans between April-May of each year. Each cohort is comprised of a diverse group of faculty members from a myriad of instructional areas and institutions in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas which promote learning, growth, and more equitable opportunities for success.

Tony Holland
ILA Director
(334) 798-1771

ILA Success Story – Jeff Hawes

ILA 2020 Presentation

ILA Presentation – Wendy Dees

Topics include: