The Private School Licensure Division has the authority to investigate student complaints against licensed private postsecondary institutions.  Students are required to complete their institution’s grievance/complaint procedure prior to submitting a complaint to the Division.  If the institution’s resolution is not satisfactory, a student may then submit a complaint to the Division.

Complaints regarding Federal Student Aid should be addressed to the U.S. Department of Education

The Private School Licensure complaint procedures are designed to address issues of non-compliance with Alabama Private School License rules and regulations. The procedures are not intended to be used in disputes or matters pertaining to a student’s admission to or graduation from an institution or academic issues including grades, academic sanctions, transferability of credits, and/or disciplinary/conduct matters unless the student can provide documentation that the institution did not follow its published policies and procedures.

The Private School Licensure Division will not accept a complaint which is anonymous or in which the student has retained legal counsel or began legal action.

Students must submit a complaint to the Private School Licensure Division within one year of exhausting the grievance policy with the institution unless there are mitigating circumstances which prevent the student from doing so.


  • The student must submit the complaint in writing by clicking the following link or using the complaint form in the quick link’s section. The student complaint must contain a detailed description of the claim, including dates, times, and full names of all involved, as well as a timeline of the actions taken by both the student and the school to resolve the matter.
  • The Division will contact the institution regarding the complaint within 30 days of receipt
  • The institution will have 30 days to provide a written response that may or may not contain a resolution.
  • A report or letter will be provided to the institution and student detailing corrective action, if any is necessary, or stating that the school has no violation of private school licensure polices or procedures if no violations are determined.
  • If corrective action is needed the institution will have 30 days to comply or develop a plan to comply with the corrective action.
  • If the institution does not comply with the corrective action the institution’s Private School License may be suspended or revoked.